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The tricky art of costing

“Look at this zip – it isn’t straight” “Oh yes! okay let’s do this again” “The Buddha face is cut into two – we can’t have an incomplete design!” “AAH! Ma’am, I was focussing on a straight stitch – didn’t notice the design” “oh! this is perfect.. but wait- this is 2 inches longer than our size” “But such a small size pouch is impossible!” And the journey of SURA’s smallest products began – with more restitching than any of the earlier products. “It takes more time to do this and such a less cost!” “But this will sell more” ” The time it takes to perfect one, I will cut and stitch a sling bag” “But we can do volumes in this; you will get better” We held the fort for our ladies to fail, fall, struggle and together, we perfected the art of small pouches; never perfected the art of costing them – a smaller pouch is expected to sell at a lesser price, while it is often the one that demands most time and attention. This story is one of the ironies and struggles to perfect an imperfect world. #sura #workingmothers #clothpouch

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