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Of colours and choices.

70-75 different products are neatly packed into shopper bags. The women have travelled in the overcrowded ‘share-auto’ – to meet a few visitors, lugging around the big bag of products. The big mat is laid out and all the products are neatly arranged, price tags stuck.

I walk in and am pleasantly surprised to see the space set up like a stall. “This looks like you have bought your entire stock. Isn’t this a lot to carry around? There are only 6 visitors on campus today!”

“Yes akka! we know! But every customer has to look at different combinations and pick what they like right?! Even if a customer wants to buy one product, they can choose from everything we have. “ she said, straightening the edges of a product that was waiting to be ‘chosen’

Here’s Sura’s story of the power of #choice ; it is also a story of #connectedness – what does it mean to connect to the person who buys your product, miles away, living a very different life, making very different economic choices, connected by a love for choosing the combination that makes them the happiest – one chooses it to stitch, the other, to buy.

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