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Meet the Team

We are a team of women, dreamers, mothers(mostly!) and entrepreneurs in our own ways. We are a diverse team that is brought together by the love of fabric and sewing , in the pursuit of creating excellence, in everything we do.



Nisha Subramaniam, with 11 years of experience in the Social sector. She currently is a co-founder of Kanavu, leading efforts in education and community development in rural Cuddalore, Tamilnadu. Nisha founded Kanavu's social enterprise, 'Sura' that trains and recruits rural women to stitch affordable lifestyle products for a global audience. Elementary education, gender and leadership are themes of deep passion. Nisha believes that it is in the intersection of these themes, lies a potential to challenge the status quo.

Sura Tailor

"I enjoy taking ownership and planning." shares Bhuvana. At the centre, one can see her volunteer to design new products, and support new tailors to learn. With great empathy and a diligent eye for all the operations, she supports Sura reach greater heights.  

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Production Manager

With over 2 decades of working with several women's groups in the tertiary sector, Prema brings in a great deal of wisdom and love for working with women. She supports efficient and happy production of every Sura product you buy. 

Sura Tailor

Motivated by her 16-year old daughter to be a working woman, Maheshwari is at Sura to build a stable future for her children. She brings in a deep passion for perfection and has a great deal of stamina to stay with a challenging order. 

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