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Our  story

A group of mothers from rural Cuddalore, angry about rising education costs wanted to spend their 7-8 hours of “leisure” time meaningfully to support their child’s education economically. 

SURA was born out of the struggle to pay their class fee to learn tailoring - the mothers decided to stitch products and sell them to cover costs of their learning . This was an investment they were making for their future.

We started our journey by stitching and selling a simple zipless tote bag - it was the simplest product we created with errors. Our customer base, the women’s skills and confidence grew hand in hand. 

Four years into this journey that started in 2017, SURA women are stitching over 50 products, innovating in designs, customizing to meet customer needs. Our story is a story of a mother who funds her child’s education, who finds immense joy in being able buy her child a birthday dress from her own earning, a woman who invested in her health by saving up for a critical surgery, story of women travelling to Madurai for a learning trip, story of women challenging status quo - every day, in the smallest and biggest ways. Every buy of yours is strengthening this story. Adds purpose to the women choosing to fight odds stacked up against them and come to work everyday, create and share the joy. 


Buy Sura. Expand lifestyle choices for rural women. 

Our  Ecosystem of Support 

shyam shekar.jpeg

Shyam Sekhar,

Founder, ithought financial consulting llp.
Shyam is a Sura champion, supporting us with sewing machines and infrastructure  from the very beginning. 

Use this space to introduce yourself and share your professional history.

About Kanavu

Kanavu is the NGO that incubated and supports Sura as its social enterprise. 'Kanavu' means dreams. We are a small team  of 4 co-founders, with big dreams of empowering rural schools and communities. Sura is part of Kanavu's community development wing. All of us on team Kanavu pitch in, in small and big ways to deliver every commitment at Sura. Click below, to explore Kanavu, follow our work and to donate to support children from he communities that Sura works with. 

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